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We help you grow your business through strategic self publishing of ebooks and print books.


Your print book looks better than traditionally published books.

Book Cover

Your custom cover looks amazing and creates many more sales.


Your ebook is designed to look great on any device or e-reader.


You retain all rights and receive 100% of your royalties.


Alex Groenendyk

I was struggling to find my way through the maze of self publishing when another author recommended JETLAUNCH. I am very grateful they did!

My experience with the larger self publishing houses had been frustrating. Pushy salesmen trying to close a deal based on discounts that were about to run out rather than explaining exactly what I would get for my money or how much the on going royalties would cost me! It also turned out that many outsourced the work overseas, had lengthy processes, and had significant customer complaints. I spoke to several other smaller organizations and found them to be very slow to respond. There were also other issues such as the fact that several organizations have policies of retaining ownership of the files created by them even though you pay for them which can cause obvious problems later.

This was my first book and I needed a company with the patience to guide me on this journey but also be responsive enough to meet my time constraints as I was trying to get the book launched in time for graduation season. Chris clearly explained the process, and I was pleased to see there were no royalties or ownership issues.

Chris and his team at JETLAUNCH are the most responsive, thoughtful, and skilled book designers I have known. Although you think your book is finished by the time you get to the design phase, you will have new ideas and get feedback that you know will make the book better and more useful. Not only was Chris always willing to accommodate my requests and changes, he also participated in the process. He has an understanding of how a book can move an industry, and he will partner with you to improve both design and content.

All my emails were answered in minutes. I repeatedly needed a quick turnaround to keep the entire project moving forward, and he always delivered ahead of expectations. He also did his best to make this the most enjoyable and profitable experience possible. Chris and his team kept going until I was completely satisfied with the results. In the end, I had a complete book design I was extremely happy with, including ebook, print book and cover design. I highly recommend Chris and his team for any book project you might have, no matter how large or small. You will not be disappointed!

Alex Groenendyk, author of This Is Who We Hire

My book would likely not exist but for the JETLAUNCH team. They were very responsive, thorough, and made me feel like my project was their project. 

Charlie Gilkey

The Small Business Life Cycle

JETLAUNCH’s personalized, friendly, and dedicated approach is topped with an extra dose of authenticity and care. I highly recommend JETLAUNCH.

Lisa Buyer

Social PR Secrets

I came to JETLAUNCH after a painful experience with a traditional publisher. My book went live on Amazon two months later —now that is what I call a jet launch!

Mark Johnson

Never Surrender

JETLAUNCH lives and breathes business, and I’m thankful to have them as part of my entrepreneurial team. My books would not exist without them.

Todd R. Tresidder

How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?


Every book is different, and we usually need to see your manuscript before we can give you an accurate price quote. However, our prices start as low as $197 for short ebook designs, $297 for print book design, and $397 for cover design.

If you’d like to know how much it would cost to self publish your book, click here to receive a price quote.