JETLAUNCH Publishing With Purpose

Professional Publishing Services

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Print and Ebook Design

Customized and professional ebook conversion and interior print design. Both are designed with personal attention and a multi-step quality control process.

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Custom Cover Design

Our professional cover designer works directly with you to create a custom cover you are proud of and that also helps sell your books.

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Many Publishing Extras

Our premium publishing extras set you up for successful book sales from the beginning. From professional Amazon author and book pages to keyword research and much more.

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Chris O'Byrne

Founder of JETLAUNCH and a strong advocate of self-publishing.

My book would likely not exist but for the JETLAUNCH team. Partnering with them allowed me to focus on what I should be working on. They were very responsive, thorough, and made me feel like my project was their project. If you're ready to get your book out there and know that doing it alone is the hard way, contact JETLAUNCH today.
- Charlie Gilkey