How do you present yourself in a professional setting?  When time is limited, you can’t just leave your words to chance. If you spend a little time thinking ahead, you’ll have a 30-second elevator pitch prepared for just such a moment. 

The reason it’s called a 30-second elevator pitch is because you can think about it like this: if you were traveling in an elevator with someone important, maybe a decision-maker or company executive, and you literally only had the time it took for the elevator ride to intelligently communicate what you do, what would you say? 

Voila! That’s your 30-second elevator pitch!

What to include

An elevator pitch should include these things:

  1. Who you are
  2. Short (and we mean short) background
  3. Context about why this conversation is important
  4. What you do, who you help
  5. What’s the ask? Be clear!


If you’re looking to write your elevator pitch, having some good examples can help. That’s why we’ve included five examples below.

For sales

“Hi, my name is David Bentley. I am a results-based business professional with an uncanny ability to seamlessly mesh problem-solving innovation and relationship-building sales acumen with a proven track record for meeting and exceeding monthly and quarterly sales goals. Drawing on my experience as both a small business owner and my ownership of a portfolio of clients, I am constantly seeking a means to grow my business and revenue stream with outside-of-the-box thinking and approaches.”

For businesses

“Hi, my name is Ben Reichert. As a producer, mentor and entrepreneur, I focus on connecting resources and networks to build innovative projects, brands, and industries. If you’re looking for a leader to build an authentic community for your brand, let’s talk more.”

For government

“Hi, my name is Doug Ducey. I was born in Toledo, Ohio. I attended Arizona State University, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance.  I apply my experience from a successful career in business to bring much-needed change to Arizona government and I’d like to ask for your vote this year.”

For students

“Hi, my name is Anna Weathers. I’m a P.R. student at the University of Florida. I know a lot about your business and I’m excited about working for a public relations firm like yours. I am looking for an internship next summer, I’d love to connect with you.”

For novels

“A young boy discovers he’s a wizard and is invited to attend a School for WitchCraft and Wizardry. While there he makes friends and enemies while learning magic and participating in a series of extraordinary adventures.” (Can you guess the book?)

What’s you’re elevator pitch? Share it below…