Well, that can certainly be the case. Like I talked about before, there are so-called publishing companies, vanity presses that charge anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 for a so-called publishing package. What do I mean by so-called publishing, so-called design, so-called marketing? Their design is shoddy at best and unprofessional and it makes you look unprofessional. Their ebook design is nothing more than a cheap export from the print file that costs them zero dollars and zero time and looks terrible. Have you ever tried to read an ebook where the design is awful, and it looks terrible because the fonts are huge, and the bullet points are very skinny, sometimes with only two or three letters per column? That’s because they do this cheap export process, that costs them nothing and yet they charge you hundreds to thousands of dollars just for that part.

For their so-called marketing services, they focus only on simple things that are designed to boost your image but do nothing to help you actually sell your book. They’ll give you a bunch of things like bookmarks and postcards, they’ll do dumb press releases, or they’ll give you a so-called website that’s often just a page on their own website that brings them all the traffic and the SEO. If they give you your own website, it’s nothing more than a brochure site that does nothing to sell your book.

How is JETLAUNCH different? First, we have fair prices. Our prices are a fraction of what these other places charge. We also give you top-of-the-line, highly professional design. We make you look amazing. We do a separate ebook design that’s done entirely by hand, and by hand, I mean that we use a special process where we make it look great on any screen size. We adjust the font sizes, we adjust the width—we do whatever it takes to make your ebook design look absolutely fabulous so that nobody is upset with you when they try to read it.

We have a completely custom cover design process. Our cover designer works directly with you. She’ll give you several initial samples, and then you can narrow things down and keep going until you’re completely satisfied with your final cover design.

Our marketing focuses on selling your book and building or growing a business, not just empty imagery that really does nothing to sell your book. We don’t give you any of these empty services that are just for show or that make you look bad; we give you top of the line high quality.

If you have any questions, just let me know.