Book Launch 2.0

Turn your lazy book into a hard-working book.

Transform Your "Lazy" Book into a Lead-Generating Powerhouse with Book Launch 2.0

Are you a business owner who published a book hoping it would open new doors, generate leads, and grow your business, only to find it gathering dust? You're not alone. Many business books never achieve their potential—not because they lack value, but because they lack a strategic launch to get them into the right hands. That's where Book Launch 2.0 comes in.

What if your book could actually work as hard as you do?

At Jetlaunch, we understand that your book is more than just pages and text—it's a pivotal part of your business strategy. With Book Launch 2.0, we transform your "lazy" book into a hardworking tool that actively contributes to your business growth.

Why isn’t your book performing as expected?

Consider this: Is your book really aligned with the core problems your potential clients face? Often, books don't work because they aren't positioned or marketed in a way that connects with the reader’s needs and desires.

How does Book Launch 2.0 address this?

1. Clarity: We define your ideal niche and offer to ensure your book reaches the perfect client with what they need most. This focused approach helps the right people find the right solutions, potentially increasing your revenue tenfold.

2. Congruency: We ensure your book resonates with your ideal prospects, making them feel understood and eager to work with you. This alignment increases the likelihood of engagement and collaboration.

3. Conversion: Your book will address the major pains your readers are struggling with and the transformations they seek right from the start. We incorporate a strong call-to-action (CTA) that transforms each reader into a prospective lead, showing that you understand their problems better than anyone else and positioning you as the best solution.

4. Capture: We design an opt-in page and craft the perfect lead magnet to capture emails from your readers. This setup collects contact details and continues to engage your audience beyond the book.

5. Campaign: We create a series of follow-up emails that your leads receive automatically after they sign up. This email sequence extends the conversation started by your book, nurturing leads down the sales funnel.

6. Catalyst: A well-executed bestseller launch boosts your credibility and authority and accelerates book sales. Each sale represents a new lead, expanding your network of potential clients.

7. Custom GPT: We build a custom GPT for you, pre-programmed with your ideal customer profile, offers, deliverables, and speech patterns. This personalized AI tool serves as your on-demand consultant for marketing, sales language, content creation, and more, providing tailored support whenever you need it.

Are you ready to turn the page on your book’s performance?

Let's explore how Book Launch 2.0 can revitalize your book’s role in your business strategy. Imagine your book not just as a product, but as an active participant in your business growth, attracting leads, starting the sales process, and engaging clients.

Consider these questions:

  • What if your book could attract the type of clients you dream of working with?
  • How would it feel to see your book at the top of your industry’s must-read lists?
  • Are you ready to give your book the launch it truly deserves?

If these questions spark your interest, then Book Launch 2.0 might just be the catalyst you need. Don’t let your book stay idle. Turn it into a hardworking asset that fuels your business's growth.

Take action now! Schedule a consultation with our Book Launch 2.0 expert team and start transforming your book into a powerful tool for your business. Your book has more to offer—let’s unlock its full potential together.

At Jetlaunch, we're not just about launching books. We're about launching your business to new heights. Let’s get started!