In today’s personal brand example, we take a look at Brendon Burchard, a New York Times bestselling author and high-performance coach.

Example: Personal Brand Logo

The personal brand logo used by Burchard is fairly simple and straightforward: his name in opposing colors as seen below:

Personal Branding Tip
If you want people to remember your name, it’s a good idea to make it easy to read with a clear separation between your first and last name.

Example: Personal Brand Statement

From his website:

“Brendon Burchard is the world’s leading high-performance coach, a three-time New York Times bestselling author, and one of the most-watched, quoted, and followed personal development trainers in history.”

Notice how this statement clearly defines who Burchard is and also contains a unique promise of what you can expect from him.

If you’re working on creating your own personal brand statement, here’s our advice for creating one.

Example: Personal Brand Tagline

A personal brand tagline is like a shorter version of the personal brand statement. It should embody emotion, and help people understand what they should expect and how they may feel by working with you.

Brendon Burchard uses the tagline “Live, Love, Matter” as a central theme to his personal brand. This is a type of framework that is seen as a central pillar of his content. 

The tagline makes an appearance on his main website. It’s also worth noticing how it is incorporated in little ways, like this example from Brendon’s Facebook username. Take a look at how his username appears here:

Now look at how posts show up on Facebook, with the incorporated personal brand tagline:

We also see his personal brand tagline show up in the search engine results pages as the title tag of the page:

Example: Personal Brand Story

Many personal brand experts advocate for storytelling as a means of expressing a personal brand. Burchard tells his story in this video. Notice how the story is uniquely tied to his tagline.

Example: Personal Branding Website

Burchard using as his personally branded website and emphasizes the tagline: “Live, Love, Matter.” He also uses it as a platform to familiarize customers with his courses, events, videos, books, and podcast.

Personal Branding Tip
How are you using your website to introduce potential clients and customers to the many ways they can interact and buy from you?

Example: Personal Branding for Social Media 

Next, let’s take a look at how Burchard has personally branded his social media profiles.


In this Facebook profile example, we see Brendon’s personal brand tagline along with his personal image from the stage. In this example, he’s also promoting an upcoming event. This kind of image creates a branded picture that reinforces Burchard’s image as a fun and exciting speaker from the stage with lots of adoring fans in the audience.


Burchard’s Twitter profile:


Brandon’s YouTube profile maintains consistency with his personal image, although one thing you may have noticed is it’s a different personal image. He also uses the “Live, Love, Matter” tagline, although here it takes the form of three questions: Did I live? Did I love? Did I matter?


In this Instagram profile example, we see Brendon Burchard has gone with using his real name for a handle. He has a bulleted list touting his accolades. Yet we don’t see the “Live, Love, Matter,” tagline we see on other social profiles.

Personal Branding with Books

Brendon Burchard has quite a few published books to help support his personal brand image as a high-performance coach, motivational speaker, and expert. Most of his books center around high performance, business, and motivation. His books include:

Notice how Burchard using the secondary title to express a promise of value. For example, for the first book, the promise is that you’ll understand the habits to become extraordinary. In the second, he’s making a promise to help you claim your personal power through motivation. And in the last, he’s making a promise that you will feel alive by learning how to activate the 10 human drives.

Personal Branding Tip
What book could you write and publish on a topic that would support your expert status in the area where you’d like to be known?

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