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Are you here for an ebook design?

First, what's the difference between an ebook design and an ebook conversion? A conversion is usually a sloppy, inattentive job performed with automated software. That results in an ebook that doesn't look very good, especially on smaller screens.

We manually design your ebook to look good on any device and on any size screen. It doesn't matter if your ebook is read on a tiny phone screen or a huge computer screen, we make it look amazing. That's the difference you'll receive with our personal touch and hands-on approach.

To receive a quote, all we need is a copy of your manuscript or even just the PDF you uploaded to Vervante. 

When we start the design process, we would ideally receive a Word file. If you don't have that, the InDesign file used to create your print interior PDF is the next best thing. 

Do you have any questions? Please contact us, and we'll answer the same day!


What else does JETLAUNCH offer?

We're a complete book design firm. We design custom book covers and print interiors. (Click to download some design samples.)
We also help you publish your book to Vervante by uploading your files and other book-related information. We do all the heavy technical lifting so you can focus on what you do best: writing books.

If you have any questions, please contact us, and we'll answer the same day!