How to download the Kindle program for your PC or Mac

Download Kindle for PC or Mac by using the following links:
(These downloads will begin right after you click on the link)

How to download the Nook and Adobe Digital Editions EPUB readers

How to open a mobi file directly on your Kindle eReader 

You can open your .mobi file directly with your Kindle by plugging your Kindle into your computer, then dropping the .mobi file into the "Documents" folder that appears on your computer in your Kindle files.

How to open and read an EPUB file

For opening the .epub version, you can use your Nook, Nook for iPad, Smartphone, PC, or directly via the web, Adobe Digital Editions, or iBooks. If you are viewing on an iPhone or iPad, the easiest way to open the file is to use your device's mail program. You can open the email with your file attached, click on the attachment, and then you will be given the option to open it directly with iBooks or other applications you have on your device for reading ebooks.

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