Chris O’Byrne started JETLAUNCH, a self-publishing company, several years ago to right a wrong he saw in self-publishing services. Just because authors want to self-publish does not mean they need to settle for amateur design or inflated prices. Professional book design (cover, ebook, and print) should cost a fair price. 

Authors have had three choices for publishing their books:

  1. Traditional (legacy) publisher
  2. Vanity press
  3. Do-it-yourself

Traditional publishing houses have shifted dramatically in the past few years. Now they cater to generic books focused on a wide audience. The quality of the books they produce has also declined, often precipitously. The time it takes to get a book published is still measured in years instead of weeks, and royalties are still in the >10% range.

Vanity presses are still alive and well. More authors than ever fall prey to their pushy and manipulative marketing techniques. The result: the author pays thousands of dollars for a poorly designed book for which they still receive only a fraction of the royalties.

DIY publishing gives the author complete control, but it has its downside. Most authors are not professional designers, and when they attempt to design their own books, they look terrible. The author can also act as a general contractor and find freelancers that will design all of the separate pieces, but that is always a shot-in-the-dark process, and freelancers can be flakey.

What is the solution?

A self-publishing company that provides fantastic book design at a fair price and who doesn’t take one cent of the author’s royalties. That company is JETLAUNCH.

We want to be your self-publishing partner, providing all of the design and technical details of self-publishing services so you can focus on what you do best—writing.


Chris O’Byrne—Founder of JETLAUNCH

Chris has been a chemical engineer and a science teacher and has grown JETLAUNCH into a successful, process-driven business. His varied work life has given him a great breadth of experience that he draws on for creative problem solving.